Paris in July

It’s that time of year again. Just as the winter blues are kicking in, Tamara @Thyme For Tea comes along with her delightful and charming Paris in July to remind us all of better days.

July has become a time of Maigret’s, rewatching Julie and Julia and Midnight in Paris and inflicting some experimental French cooking on my family.

This year I have a few more Maigret’s up my sleeve and a Delphine de Vigan to look forward to.

  • Maigret and the Headless Corpse | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret in Court | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret and the Tramp | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret and the Minister | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret Goes to School | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret and the Saturday Caller | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret Sets a Trap | Georges Simenon
  • Maigret’s Failure | Georges Simenon
  • Nothing Holds Back the Night | Delphine de Vigan

In the kitchen, I’m hoping to master my new-found Quiche Lorraine recipe. I may also try a Tartiflette.

It has been five years since I last tried a French Onion Soup; I may be ready to try another version that is less rich. To hand I have the Art of French Cuisine, Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume One and Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen for inspiration.

Last year, I took us on a keyboard visit to Shakespeare and Company...I wonder where my wandering keyboard will end up this year?

D’accord, c’est tout pour

What will you be reading/eating/watching/listening/exploring this Paris in July?

(I spotted the badge above on another blogger’s post last month, but cannot remember who. Please let me know so I can attribute the image appropriately)

26 thoughts on “Paris in July

  1. Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen…is the best! I remember a few years ago I did a lot of cooking for this reading challenge! We are about to officially return to “normal” here in the Netherlands on 26th of June. Nothing would make me happier than a trip to Paris….but I will have to suffice with Paris in July. Looking for good books, wine, cocktails and recipes as we speak! Great post that lifts my spirits, thanks!


    1. I think we all feel the same Nancy – no real life trips, but at least we can travel virtually!
      Inner city Sydney is on high alert again right now, with an outbreak in the eastern suburbs. We’re back to wearing masks, with some states not letting Sydney-siders cross their borders…just in time for the school holidays. But that’s the way it is. Covid does not appear to be one of those viruses that is just going to disappear. It keeps mutating. But I’m glad your restrictions are finally easing.


  2. Reading Simenon’s series is definitely a wonderful way to celebrate Paris! I love the area where Maigret worked, not far from Notre Dame — many years ago I ate lunch at a little restaurant that seemed like it belonged in the books!

    best… mae at


  3. The timing is perfect – in my 20booksofsummer list I have Pot Luck by Emile Zola which happens to be set in a Paris apartment building. Whoopee…..

    Though I have a cupboard full of cookery books, not one of them is French cuisine. So I’ll have to go looking for something. Crepes Suzette could be on the menu!


  4. I learned to cook with Mastering the Art. I have Vols 1 & 2 and have always taken the advice to cook a new recipe *exactly* as it says, and then once I know what I’m doing, then I can adapt it.


  5. Glad to see you are participating, here in The Phillippines we are pretty much still locked down . I look Forward to your recipes and book posts.


    1. We’ve been doing really Weill in Sydney lately, but just this week we’ve had an outbreak of the delta variant. I suspect a regionalised mini-lockdown is coming our way.


  6. What wonderful plans and books. I remember that because of you I read a Maigret book or two. I used to love watching Rachel Khoo’s program, and I love all types of French Onion soup. Good luck with your pursues.


  7. Give me a little warning and I can spend an evening re-reading one of my many Maigrets. Any excuse! I don’t think I have any other Paris books, certainly nothing as posh as a Zola. Well, except my father’s Dumas collection.And a Mitford too, from memory, though I’m not sure which one.


  8. Great idea to read a Maigret. I just said to a blogger friend that there are no French books or books about Paris on my TBR pile and, yet, I bought a Maigret book last year after having watched the Rowan Atkinson series. Might have to rewatch that soon and read that book. I want to participate in the challenge anyway, so thaaaaaaanks.

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      1. Very true. I’m not the biggest fan of crime stories but I love Agatha Christie and after watching the series, I think Georges Simenon might be right up there with her. Plus, he wrote in French which is always a bonus.


    1. I’ve been caught up in Naidoc/Indigenous Lit Week this week, but will jump on board the Paris in July train next week! Looking forward to catching up with what everyone has been up to so far 🙂


  9. Simenon, what a great idea! I’ve never read his books and I could count them for the European Reading Challenge, I don’t have a Belgian author yet. . . .

    And Tartiflette sounds AMAZING. Might be too hearty right now (it was 100 degrees Fahrenheit here today) but I’m trying to think of summer recipes. Maybe clafouti? Cherries are in season here!

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