Fire Front | edited by Alison Whittaker #AUSpoetry

This incredible book is a testament to the renaissance of First Nations poetry happening in Australia right now.UQP website Fire Front: First Nations Poetry and Power Today is an anthology of poems and essays from many well-known and emerging First Nations writers and thinkers. It is powerful and confronting stuff. It is very contemporary, yet … Continue reading Fire Front | edited by Alison Whittaker #AUSpoetry

Dropbear | Evelyn Araluen #AWWpoetry

According to wikipedia a drop bear is a fictional creature, an urban myth, designed by Australians to scare tourists. It has even been given a fictional scientific name - Thylarctos plummetus. According to folklore it looks like "a predatory, carnivorous version of the koala" and lives in gumtrees, dropping onto the heads of unsuspecting bushwalkers. … Continue reading Dropbear | Evelyn Araluen #AWWpoetry

Yuiquimbiang | Louise Crisp #PoetryMonth

In her Preface, Louise Crisp describes her collection of poetry, Yuiquimbiang as an 'ecopoetic form that integrates political essay and environmental poetics: a project that evolved out of my double life as a poet and environmental activist'. The regions she writes about the East Gippsland and the Monaro. Crisp's poems and texts evolve from her … Continue reading Yuiquimbiang | Louise Crisp #PoetryMonth

Into the Loneliness | Eleanor Hogan #AWWbiography

In 1930 the woman who called herself Mrs Hill caught the Old Trans across the Nullarbor. She sat with a notebook propped on her knees, her suitcase, typewriter and thin swag slung in the rack overhead, revelling in the train's front-stall view of the weird and mournful wilderness all around. Sometimes books come into your … Continue reading Into the Loneliness | Eleanor Hogan #AWWbiography

Naidoc Week & Indigenous Picture Books

2021 National NAIDOC logo The 4th - 11th July, 2021 is NAIDOC week. Lisa @ANZLitLovers hosts an Indigenous Literature Week to coincide with NAIDOC week. Lisa is careful to acknowledge that as 'a non-Indigenous Australian, I am mindful that I do not and cannot know or understand all aspects of Indigenous Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and … Continue reading Naidoc Week & Indigenous Picture Books

Homeland Calling | edited by Ellen Van Neervan #AWWpoetry

‘we are strong, we are beautiful and we should be proud of our culture, our stories, our languages.’ – Danzal Baker (aka Baker Boy) Homeland Calling is a collection of poems created from hip-hop song lyrics that channel culture and challenge stereotypes. Written by First Nations youth from communities all around Australia, the powerful words display … Continue reading Homeland Calling | edited by Ellen Van Neervan #AWWpoetry

Born Into This | Adam Thompson #AUSshortstories

Born Into This is a collection of short stories by an exciting new voice in Indigenous writing, Adam Thompson. Adam Thompson may be an emerging Pakana writer from Launceston, but there are powerful and promising things going on here. Some of his stories pack a serious punch, others creep in quietly under your skin. Either … Continue reading Born Into This | Adam Thompson #AUSshortstories

Kindred | Kirli Saunders #AWWpoetry

  2019 was the International Year of Indigenous Languages: It is through language that we communicate with the world, define our identity, express our history and culture, learn, defend our human rights and participate in all aspects of society, to name but a few. Through language, people preserve their community’s history, customs and traditions, memory, … Continue reading Kindred | Kirli Saunders #AWWpoetry

Truganini | Cassandra Pybus #AWW

Truganini: Journey through the apocalypse is an extraordinary read. Cassandra Pybus has compiled a thorough and very personal history of Truganini's life and times. I say personal, because what gives this book that little extra something special is Pybus' relationship to Truganini. As she says in her Preface, the 'rapid dispossession (of the original people of … Continue reading Truganini | Cassandra Pybus #AWW