CC Spin #26

It's time for another Classics Club Spin.The rules are easy: compile your list of 20 books by Sunday 18th April.On that day a number will be randomly selected.That's the book you read.You have until the 31st May 2021 to finish your book and review it.Join in the fun by visiting the other players and commenting on their lists.It's … Continue reading CC Spin #26

This is Happiness | Niall Williams #IRLfiction

It had stopped raining. Okay, I'm now a Niall Williams convert. This is Happiness is a delight of a book, from start to finish. Full of wonderful, poignant story-telling and rich, humorous characterisation. It is proudly Irish, with glorious descriptions of the weather and the matter-of-fact grimness and poverty of everyday life in County Clare … Continue reading This is Happiness | Niall Williams #IRLfiction

Shelf Life #7

Inscribed June 2016 Reviewed on this blog June 17, 2016 I enjoyed the Titanic elements, but found Bainbridge's writing cold. Very, very cold. Absolutely nothing about this book has stayed in my memory. I'm still keen to read more Titanic stories, but not so keen to read more Bainbridge. In an interview she suggests that … Continue reading Shelf Life #7

Homeland Calling | edited by Ellen Van Neervan #poetry

‘we are strong, we are beautiful and we should be proud of our culture, our stories, our languages.’ – Danzal Baker (aka Baker Boy) Homeland Calling is a collection of poems created from hip-hop song lyrics that channel culture and challenge stereotypes. Written by First Nations youth from communities all around Australia, the powerful words display … Continue reading Homeland Calling | edited by Ellen Van Neervan #poetry