What I learnt when I moved from Blogger to WordPress #bloggingtips

One month ago I made the decision to move from Blogger to WordPress. In some ways it was a spontaneous, reactionary move after losing my third post in as many months, thanks to changes being rolled out in the editing area. But in other ways, it was a long thought about, much mulled over decision. … Continue reading What I learnt when I moved from Blogger to WordPress #bloggingtips

11th Blogaversary

I've done it again!I've let the 5th July come and go, forgetting yet another blogaversary. I may have turned missing my blogaversary into an art form.Thirteen days ago was the 11th anniversary of my very first blog post. That's,11 years,132 months,573 weeks.4015 days, and96369 hours.In that time I have written 1524 posts, viewed by over 752183 … Continue reading 11th Blogaversary

Housekeeping – Blogger

Photo by Mimi Garcia on UnsplashBehind the scenes, Blogger has been slowly modernising and updating.The changes have been gadually eked out over the past year.I first noticed that the stats page was set up differently last year some time.Then earlier this year, the comments moderation area was updated.Now the posting template has been modernised.I seriously … Continue reading Housekeeping – Blogger

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a peaceful, joyous holiday season, however or wherever you celebrate this time. Thank you for all your visits, comments and fellowship throughout the year.It has not been an easy year for me & my time in blogger land has helped me get through some trying days. Blogging & reading keep me sane even … Continue reading Merry Christmas


There are times in life when everything feels like it's getting away from you. I'm in the middle of one of those times right now. (At least, I hope it's the middle and not just the start of something bigger!)My head space is full of routine stuff, life stuff, work stuff, planning stuff, organising stuff and I'm … Continue reading #JustSaying