Australian Literature

TITLE:Australian Literature 
AUTHOR:A Bibliography to 1938
E. Morris Miller
Extended to 1950
Frederick T. Macartney 
YEAR: 1956
PUBLISHER:Angus & Robertson
LIBRARY STAMP:Upper Murray Regional Library
PURCHASED:31st March, 2021 Rutherglen, Victoria

Preface | Frederick T. Macartney | Melbourne 1952:

In 1940 the Melbourne University Press, with substantial financial aid from the Commonwealth Government, published Dr E, Morris Miller’s descriptive and bibliographical survey of Australian literature from its beginnings to 1935, with subsidiary entries to 1938.

…The intention is to include…all who, as authors of books, have been connected to Australia, irrespective of whether or not they were born in this country or continue to reside here. In the case of an author whose connection with Australia has been transitory, any special attention given to him is as a rule confined to the books he wrote during his residence in Australia or showing the influence.

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