The Conquest of Plassans | Émile Zola #FRAclassic

La Conquête de Plassans, or The Conquest of Plassans (1874) is the fourth novel in Émile Zola's twenty-volume Rougon-Macquart series that I have been reading with Fanda for #Zoladdiction. My Oxford World's Classics 2014 edition is translated by Helen Constantine and has an Introduction by *Patrick McGuinness. He reminded me that,Like all of Zola's fiction, (The … Continue reading The Conquest of Plassans | Émile Zola #FRAclassic

#ZolaStyle – The Bois de Boulogne in La Curee

April is #Zoladdiction month and this year Fanda is encouraging us to find the art in Zola's writing.Literal Painting: Zola had great interest in paintings. He had been a strong promoter of Impressionism; supported and befriended young artists such as Manet and Cézanne. His literary style often had quality of a painting. Quote and share those … Continue reading #ZolaStyle – The Bois de Boulogne in La Curee

Zoladdiction 2018

Zoladdiction with Fanda @Classiclit is underway once again.For all the details please check out her Masterpost, but it's pretty simple really:read and enjoy all things Zola during the month of April.I've now read three Zola's thanks to Fanda and Zoladdiction.Nana was my first experience with Zola. It left me reeling and wanting more.Germinal was so good … Continue reading Zoladdiction 2018

My Autumn Reads

The Artsy Reader Girl is the new host of the weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday.Each week she nominates a topic to encourage those of us who love a good list to get all listy.This week it's all about books I hope to read this spring autumn.Right now, it feels like we're a long way from autumn.Sydney is … Continue reading My Autumn Reads