Eclipsed : Two Centuries of Australian Women’s Fiction | Connie Burns & Marygai McNamara (editors)

This anthology presents the range of Australian women’s writings from the first white settlement to the present, and includes pieces by both established and newer writers, as well as pieces by writers who have previously been ‘eclipsed’ by their male counterparts.


Catherine Helen SpenceA Glimpse of a Situation
Caroline Woolmer Leakey (Oline Keese)HMS Anson
Ellen ListonHow A Woman Kept Her Promise
‘Waif Wander’My Lodger
Jessie Lloyd (Silverleaf)A Blunder
Ada CambridgeDeposed
Laura Bogue LuffmanThe Saratoga Trunk
Jessie Catherine Couvreur (Tasma)Monsieur Caloche
Rosa Campbell PraedGwen’s Decision
Barbara BayntonThe Chosen Vessel
Mary GauntThe Humbling of Sergeant Mahone
Laura Palmer-ArcherA Bush Honeymoon
Ada HolmanThe New Carpet
Ethel Robertson (Henry Handel Richardson)Conversation in a Pantry
Edith Joan Lyttleton (G B Lancaster)A Job For the Parson
Mary Grant BruceHer Just Necessities
Miles Franklin (Brent of Bin Bin)Mr Bundock Sat
Ethel AndersonDonalblain McCree and the Sin of Anger
Katherine Susannah PrichardThe Cooboo
Myra MorrisYoung Grief
Jean DevannyThe Springs of Human Action
Marjorie BarnardHabit
Eleanor DarkThe Urgent Call
Henrietta Drake-BrockmanTheir Country
Dymphna CusackYou Won’t Mind the Ghost?
Christina SteadSappho
Dame Alexandra HasluckPuzzle For a Later Day
Kylie TennantAuction Sale in Stanley Street
Nancy PhelanThe Nurse
Margaret TristHalcrow Street
Nene GareEclipsed
Olga MastersThe Snake and Bad Tom
Oodgeroo NoonuccalThe Turtle
Gwen KellyThe Shadow
Elizabeth JolleyWednesdays and Fridays
Ruth ParkThe House To Themselves
Thea AstleyA Northern Belle
Elizabeth HarrowerThe Beautiful Climate
Mena Kasmiri AbdullahGrandfather Tiger
Leone SperlingThe Book of Life
Barbara HanrahanAnnie M.
Glenda AdamsMy Secret Life
Beverley FarmerA Woman With Black Hair
Helen GarnerAll Those Bloody Young Catholics
Gabrielle LordMati
Inez BaranayThe Sex Part
Kate GrenvilleThe Space Between
Sally MorganThe Letter
Ania WalwiczHospital
Margaret CoombsNothing Happened
Title: Eclipsed : Two Centuries of Australian Women's Fiction
Editors: Connie Burns & Marygai McNamara
ISBN: 9780732224455
Imprint: Collins Publishers Australia
Published: 1988
Format: Paperback
Pages: 485

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