Australian Literature & Literary Guide

Early in 2021, I discovered these two treasures in a second hand bookshop in Rutherglen, Victoria.

Ever since, I have been trying to work out the best way to use them and highlight them on my blog. Let’s see if this works!

TITLE: The Oxford Literary Guide to Australia
EDITOR: Peter Pierce
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Rosemary Hunter, Barry Andrews, John Arnold, Bruce Bennett, David Elder, Peter Hay, Brian Kiernan, JSD Mellick, Patrick Morgan, Marcie Muir, Les A Murray, Margaret Scott, and Graeme Kinross Smith.
YEAR: 1987
PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press
TITLE:Australian Literature 
AUTHOR:A Bibliography to 1938
E. Morris Miller
Extended to 1950
Frederick T. Macartney 
YEAR: 1956
PUBLISHER:Angus & Robertson
LIBRARY STAMP:Upper Murray Regional Library

The Pea-Pickers by Eve Langley

Literary GuideAustralian Literature
Bairnsdale, Tambo Valley, Lakes Entrance and Metunga narrative told in the first person. Its vivid sketches of the people and circumstances are written in an energetic style expressive of an imagination so intense as to be sometimes almost oracular….That sybilline quality mixes with matter-of-fact details and a drollery lightening the account of the discomforts the two girls endure for the sake of the experience they seek in earning a living….generally the ideas of life expressed are intuitive, without any philosophic hesitations, and the whole sweeps along, carrying powerfully and buoyantly its flamboyance and even flourishes of farcical comedy.

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