The Secret Library of Hummingbird House | Julianne Negri #AWW

  When I was ten, I would have devoured this gem of a book, several times over! The Secret Library of Hummingbird House features a mysterious old house, a secret book and time travel (amusingly, back in time to the 1970's when I was ten)! What's not to love?Especially when it's all wrapped up with a very … Continue reading The Secret Library of Hummingbird House | Julianne Negri #AWW

Dog Stories

I delightful batch of dog stories have turned up at work this month. I loved all three for different reasons, but my favourite of the batch was The Tales of Mr Walker by Jess Black.Based on a true story, Mr Walker is a delightful illustrated chapter book about the Labrador Ambassador at the Park Hyatt … Continue reading Dog Stories

Readathon Reads

Part of the feeling of success and enjoyment that I had with this year's Readathon was mostly reading junior fiction, short stories and essays. It allowed me to switch between genres and feel that I was getting through books and pages. In previous readathons I would read through the pile of half finished books by … Continue reading Readathon Reads