Salonika Burning | Gail Jones #AWWfiction

By midnight all was blaze and disintegration. A group of soldiers standing on the hill watched with indecent pleasure. The wind locals called the Vardaris blasted from the north, puffed minarets into candles and monuments to blocks of gold. A whoosh of flame - shaped paisley in its exotic unfurling - caused some spontaneously, shamelessly, … Continue reading Salonika Burning | Gail Jones #AWWfiction

The Bombay Prince | Sujata Massey #INDcosycrime

"Well done." Perveen Mistry spoke aloud as she slid the signed contracts into envelopes. The Bombay Prince is the third book in Sujata Massey's Perveen Mistry Murder Mystery series. Although the Australian cover declares the series as a murder mystery, Allen & Unwin classify it on their website under historical fiction (you can also read … Continue reading The Bombay Prince | Sujata Massey #INDcosycrime