Books Set in Canberra or the ACT

This page is devoted to books set in Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) or written by authors from or based in the ACT. All the books listed below are fiction, except for those with a non-fiction tag. Please let me know of any that I have missed.

As time permits I will be adding links to blogger reviews.

Books set in Canberra or the ACT:

  • Margitta Acker | Meat Pies and Mumbling Blokes – A Canberra Memoir (non-fiction)
  • Michael Brissenden | Dead Letters 
  • Betty Churcher & Lucy Quinn | Treasures of Canberra (non-fiction)
  • Paul Daley | Canberra (non-fiction)
    • Challenge
  • Sara Dowse | West Block (review by Sue @Whispering Gums)
  • Andrew Einspruch | The Light Bearer
  • Peter Frankis | Trouble in the Garden
    • Not A Flotation Device
  • Helen Garner | Joe Cinque’s Consolation
  • Sulari Gentill | A Dangerous Language (Rowland Sinclair series)
  • Marion Halligan | The Apricot Colonel
    • The Point
    • The Fog Garden
    • Wishbone
  • Christopher J Koch | The Memory Room
  • Steve Lewis & Chris Uhlmann | The Mandarin Code
    • The Marmalade Files
    • The Shadow Game
  • Mungo MacCallum | The Good, the Bad and the Unlikely: Australia’s Prime Ministers (non-fiction)
  • Petronella McGovern | Six Minutes
  • Alasdair McGregor | Grand obsessions : the life and work of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin (non-fiction)
  • Robert Manne | The Petrov Affair (non-fiction)
  • G.A. Mawer | Canberry Tales: An Informal History (non-fiction)
  • Kate Mildenhall | Skylarking
  • Alex Miller | The Sitters (novella)
  • Frank Moorhouse | Cold Light
  • L J M Owen | Dr Pimms: Intermillennial Sleuth (series)
  • Gordon Reid | Hornet Bank
  • Kel Robertson | Dead Set
    • Smoke and Mirrors
    • Rip Off
  • Jessica Rudd | Campaign Ruby
    • Ruby Blues
  • Niki Savva | The Road to Ruin
  • Inga Simpson | Where the Trees Were
  • Anna Snoekstra | Only Daughter
  • Rory Steele | Ghosts in the Helmet Trees
  • Cory Taylor | Me and Mr Booker
  • Samantha Tidy | The Happiness Jar
  • Andrew Tink | Honeysuckle Creek : The Story of Tom Reid, a Little Dish and Neil Armstrong’s First Step (non-fiction)
  • Karen Viggers | The Grass Castle
  • Sonya Voumard | Political Animals
  • Kerry-Anne Walsh | The Stalking of Julia Gillard
  • Kaaron Warren | The Grinding House
    • Dead Sea Fruit
    • Through the Splintered Walls
    • The Grief Hole
  • Narelle Wickham | You

Authors associated with Canberra or the ACT:

  • Andrew Hutchinson
  • Marion Halligan
  • Joy McCann
  • Alison Booth
  • Roger Rooney
  • Irma Gold
  • Annabelle McInnes
  • Robyn Cadwallader
  • Karen Viggers
  • Jack Heath
  • Emily Maguire
  • A D Hope (poet)
  • Gabrielle Chan
  • Nigel Featherstone
  • Shane Smith
  • Craig Cormick

ACT Writing and Publishing Awards are an Australian literary award presented by the ACT Writers Centre for the best books in the categories of non-fictionfictionpoetry and children’s literature written in the Canberra region. 

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