Australian Novellas

Australian Novellas:

What is a Novella? A word count of 17,500 to 39,999 is considered to be the norm, but I’ve also sited a 10,000 to 50,000 word limit range. Whichever word count you finally settle on though, makes no difference to the average reader in the end, as most books do not come with that kind of detail included.

Cathy and Rebecca have hit upon the 150 page mark with an upper limit of 200 pages. But, of course, it then depends on which edition of the book you are reading. As you can see, it’s very easy to become pedantic at the expense of making a list, that might actually be useful.

I also discovered that a novella usually (but not always) contains one central conflict, often from one point of view. Backstory is brief or non-existent, and most will have one location within a continuous time frame. A novella can usually be read in one sitting.

The 150 page limit will be my benchmark, but anything that falls between the 150-200 page limit will be considered, using the other factors above as a guide.

What is an an Australian novella? My definition includes writers born in Australia and writers who choose to live in Australia at some other point in their life. It could also include novellas written by international writers that are predominantly set in Australia.

Links to my review will be attached to the main title. Other bloggers and their reviews will follow in brackets.

The Griffith Review Novella Project is now up to its 7th edition. Some of the novellas can be read online through the links provided. You can only read a few for free per month, though, so click wisely.

If you know of any more Australian Novellas, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “Australian Novellas

  1. Meg reminded me of Barbara Hanrahan – her Scent of Eucalyptus is under 200 pages, and I think could be included. I’ve reviewed it. Meg suggested Dove, though GoodReads has it at over 200 pages so??


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