Paris in July 2018

Tamara @Thyme For Tea is once again hosting the fabulous and very, very chic Paris in July. For details visit her blog and sign up so that you don’t miss out on any of the Parisienne panache.

A number of Paris in July regulars have created a gallery of badges to use throughout the month. Isn’t this one pretty? It’s designed by Lisbeth @The Content Reader.

The rules for Paris in July are très simple: Blog about anything French during the month of July.
Here are some guidelines to help you on your way.

  • read a French themed book – fiction or non-fiction
  • watch a French movie
  • listen to French music
  • cook French food
  • experience French art, architecture, history, culture or travel
My plans for Paris in July:
  • I have another Maigret crime story that I’ve been saving until now after ‘discovering’ him last Paris in July.
  • Read the next 31 chapters of Les Miserables.
  • Write up a post on the recent exhibition of The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry at the AGNSW. 
  • Tempt Mr Books to watch Midnight in Paris again. 
  • I also have a few short stories in my Best of Guy de Maupassant left over from last year’s Paris in July.
  • Compile a Spotify playlist (I’ll let you know when so you can follow along if you like).

Will you be joining us?
Follow along on Instagram and twitter #parisinjuly
Viva la France!

17 thoughts on “Paris in July 2018

  1. Oh, it it July in Paris already?LOVE…the badge and of course I will join.I've stopped reading French for a few months andwill attempt to read one of two in July. That will keep me busy.Love your 'to-do-list' for the challenge. I'll try to think of some cultural/film/music/cooking things to do.Thanks for reminding me of this great month of everything French!


  2. Your Paris-themed to-do list is all good, in my book. I love the Cluny Unicorns and the Inspector Maigret books, and I have watched \”Midnight in Paris\” a couple of times. I think they have appeared on my past \”Paris in July\” lists, too. I'm looking forward to your…mae at


  3. Mr Books & I have both succumbed to a winter cold this weekend and we nearly watched Midnight in Paris in last night as we lazed on the lounge under throw blankets and boxes of tissues, but decided we couldn't focus well enough to really appreciate it and is still wasn't quite July either!


  4. Welcome to Paris in July again, and good luck with your list. 31 chapters of Les Mis is pretty impressive. Im very interested in your spotify play list, as i love a good bit of french music..


  5. I meant to ask for suggestions for French music – any favourites are welcome – I'd love to find some new, interesting music and singers, rather than the fairly traditional ones I have on my list to date 🙂


  6. I must tell you my own Maigret story, since you just discovered him last year.I was talking to a friend about her favorite tv shows and she shared her love for detective stories on public television. One of her favorites, she said, is Maigret, set in Paris.My husband loves detective stories, so, even though he’d never heard of Maigret, he set the timer on our tv for it.Last night I was reading along in When Paris Sizzled, about Paris in the 1920’s, when I ran across the name of Georges Simeon, one of Josephine Baker’s many lovers. He was further identified as the author of the well known detective series about Maigret.Serendipitous.


  7. I had originally planned to read Les Miserables this summer but I'm finishing up Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth and I just don't think I can tackle anything that large at the moment! I do want to participate so I'm going to try and read something by Irene Nemirovsky and hopefully a non-fiction book called A Good Place to Hide, about a village in France that hid 3,500 Jews during WWII. I'm also planning a day trip to the town of Bitche which is just over the border in Lorraine — it's a pretty drive about an hour away, with a citadel that you can climb. I'll have my young nephews with me and I think that will tire them out nicely!


  8. Thanks for posting this and reminding me about Paris in July. I'm glad to be joining in and know that you'll post more great stuff. I made it to the Lady and the Unicorn too – no post as yet. I love your Spotify playlist idea!


  9. Testament of Youth is pretty incredible isn't it? I think it's a book that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.Your day-trip sounds like fun. Given it's position on the map, I suspect Bitche has changed hands, thanks to war, many times in history.


  10. I had hoped to write up my time at the AGNSW with The Lady & the Unicorn this weekend, but this heavy, persistent cold has put paid to all but the most basic of tasks.


  11. This is my first year joining Paris in July and I'm most excited to visit all the blogs and see what everyone shares. I love books so your suggestions sound fabulous. This is such fun!


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