AusReading Month – The End

I’ve had a great time putting together AusReading Month and I’ve been thrilled by the number of participants for this inaugural event.

A big THANK YOU to those of you who have popped by regularly, joined in discussions here & on twitter and added reviews. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and I look forward to many more catch-ups.

My reading plan for AusReading Month went skew-if very early on, but I was delighted to have an excuse to revisit so many childhood favourites instead.

It has been a busy, stimulating month, however, I feel rather weary of the whole thing right now! I’m sure I will have some time to reflect in the coming days on how the event progressed and what I might do differently next year.

I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts from participants and on-lookers.
How to draw in more participants and how to convert on-lookers into participants would be a great start 🙂

I’ve left Mr Linky open for a few more days for anyone finishing off their reviews.

Thank you all once again and I’ll see you next November for AusReading Month #2!


4 thoughts on “AusReading Month – The End

  1. I'm enjoyed lurking, Brona – one thing this month has done for me is make me realise how skewed to the Old World was almost my entire education, not only in content, but also in how Australian literature was pitched – as a sort of derivative second-best. This is so sad (and wrong!), so looking at what people have been reading has been very useful.


  2. I had great fun reading On the Beach and discovred a wonderful writer Nevil Shute. Now when I hear Brisbane or Carins Australia on the news I know just where it is!! Thanks for initiating this challenge….it is time consuming to organize , I'm sure!


  3. Thank you for doing this. I loved the two books I read, wished I hadn't been too tied up with projects to read more, and I'm delighted to know you'll be doing it again.


  4. Congratulations on your AusReadig Month Brona. It was a great idea and so well executed, a wonderful success. I wish I had been able to participate more, but you got me thinking about it more. I hope you make it an annual event!


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