Marrying Damian | William Trevor #Begorrathon23

"I'm going to marry Damian." Joanna said. Claire wasn't paying attention. She smiled and nodded, intent on unravelling a ball of garden twine that had become tangled. I said: "Well, that's nice, or course. But Damian's married already." It didn't matter, Joanna said, and repeated her resolve. Joanne was five at the time. It is … Continue reading Marrying Damian | William Trevor #Begorrathon23

Another Christmas | William Trevor #ALiteraryChristmas

You always looked back, she thought. You looked back at other years, other Christmas cards arriving, the children younger. I'm sneaking my first William Trevor story in a few days early to coincide with my one and only A Literary Christmas entry for 2022. Those who have followed my previous A Literary Christmas stories, will … Continue reading Another Christmas | William Trevor #ALiteraryChristmas