A Poem For a Thursday | Anna Akhmatova #RUSpoem

Photo | Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash Anna Akhmatova was a Russian modernist poet (11th June 1889 Odessa - 1966 Moscow). She was part of the Acmeist group of poets in Russia from about 1910, 'their ideals were compactness of form and clarity of expression' (wikipedia). Other Acmeist poets were Nikolay Gumilev (Anna's husband for a while), Sergei Gorodetsky, Osip Mandelstam, … Continue reading A Poem For a Thursday | Anna Akhmatova #RUSpoem

Otherland | Maria Tumarkin #UnderstandingUkraine

It is on the train from Russia to Ukraine that the moment I have been waiting for finally comes, and Billie refuses to use the toilet, point-blank. Maria Tumarkin is an Australian writer of memoirs and cultural histories. Her books and essays tend to include oodles of fascinating things about the nature of memory, change … Continue reading Otherland | Maria Tumarkin #UnderstandingUkraine

Understanding Ukraine Mini Reviews

Part of understanding what is happening in Ukraine right now, obviously involves understanding the shared and heavily intertwined history of Ukraine with Russia over time. After reading Sheila Fitzpatricks's great catch-up book, The Shortest History of the Soviet Union, I went back in time to the Russian Revolution, October (see below) followed by another shortest … Continue reading Understanding Ukraine Mini Reviews