Fracture | Andrés Neuman #InTranslation

What a wonderful reading experience!From the beautifully designed hardcover dust jacket (the gold seams actually sparkle in real life), to the impressive translation that seems to have captured the beauty and thoughtfulness of Neuman's original story, Fracture is a journey to savour.I knew I was in for a treat from the very first sentence, “The … Continue reading Fracture | Andrés Neuman #InTranslation

Maigret and the Killer | Georges Simenon #ParisinJuly

A big part of the reason I love reading Maigret's so much is the glimpse into life in Paris in the middle of the 20th century. Maigret and the Killer opens with Mrs Maigret and her man, dining out with friends discussing the merits of the Madame Pardon's 'unparalleled boeuf bourguignon...filling, yet refined', provincial cookery … Continue reading Maigret and the Killer | Georges Simenon #ParisinJuly

A Maigret Christmas by Georges Simenon

A Maigret Christmas contains three very different stories by Georges Simenon - A Maigret Christmas, Seven Small Crosses in a Notebook and The Restaurant near Place des Ternes - yet they all share a similar sense of melancholy and loneliness.In Simenon's world, Christmas is not a time for goodwill and cheer, so seasonally well-adjusted readers beware! … Continue reading A Maigret Christmas by Georges Simenon