It’s Monday

This weekend just past may not have been the busiest weekend I've ever experienced, but it comes in a pretty close second.I'm so exhausted I hurt.My eyes ache, my legs throb & my head hurts!After work on Friday we enjoyed a staff farewell party.Saturday morning my family viewed four houses for rent....because, yes, we have … Continue reading It’s Monday

It’s Monday!

Another week has gone by in a blur of family, work and life stuff. With a little reading and blogging time squeezed into the sides.I'm loving my (re)readalong of Gone With the Wind with Corinne. The first discussion post was a lively, loving chat about Scarlett, slavery and Mitchell's intentions.However Wharton Review month has been … Continue reading It’s Monday!

It’s Monday….

...and I'm finally caught up on all my half-finished novels!I still have a few out-standing non-fiction titles by the bed, but it usually takes me months to read non-fiction anyway (biographies are the exception to this rule).Perhaps if I could just read one book at once, I would get through more, but my reading is … Continue reading It’s Monday….