barrangal dyara (skin and bones) Jonathan Jones

I had a rather unexpected, almost obsessive response to Jonathan Jones' installation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney last year.┬áIt touched me in ways that I'm still finding hard to catch and define.My fascination kicked in at several levels:the firethe architecturethe historythe cultural aspectthe lossthe healingthe blending of historiesthe time & place....In 1879 Sydney hosted … Continue reading barrangal dyara (skin and bones) Jonathan Jones

Readathon Reads

Part of the feeling of success and enjoyment that I had with this year's Readathon was mostly reading junior fiction, short stories and essays. It allowed me to switch between genres and feel that I was getting through books and pages. In previous readathons I would read through the pile of half finished books by … Continue reading Readathon Reads