The Penelopiad | Margaret Atwood #Novella

Independent Scottish publisher Canongate Books brings together some of the world’s finest writers, in the Myth series, each of whom has retold a myth from various cultures in a contemporary and memorable way. The project was conceived in 1999 by Jamie Byng, owner of Canongate, who hopes that 100 titles will eventually be published in the … Continue reading The Penelopiad | Margaret Atwood #Novella

Classic Spin #5

The best thing about The Classics Club blog being based in the USA, is that it is still the 10th of February there.Which means that it is still my birthday!Happy Birthday Me!!I've believed for sometime now that my birthday should not be constrained to just one day.I've been claiming the closest weekend to my birthday … Continue reading Classic Spin #5

The Odyssey #3

I have a confession.I'm stuck.I was thoroughly enjoying my first ever reading of The Odyssey in verse thanks to Robert Fagles translation. I had even tempted Mr BB to try a little of it and he was impressed with the language and rhythm.But then I hit Book 11.OMG!The long, tedious roll call of the dead … Continue reading The Odyssey #3