Once, Then and Now | Morris Gleitzman

Over the June long weekend I decided to read the Morris Gleitzman holocaust trilogy 'Once', 'Then' and 'Now'.  The first two books in the series were moving, frightening and elegant. The tension gradually built up as the Nazi's arrived, changing everyone's lives. Gleitzman carefully, inevitably prepared us for the heart-breaking conclusion of 'Then'. I was … Continue reading Once, Then and Now | Morris Gleitzman

Marrying Ameera | Rosanne Hawke

'Marrying Ameera' was my first foray into Muslim chick-lit. It was easy to read, well-written and nicely paced. Ameera is someone you like and you care about what happens to her.     The book has 2 distinct halves - Ameera's life in Australia, at school with her friends, discovering boys and trying to manage her fathers traditional expectations for her … Continue reading Marrying Ameera | Rosanne Hawke