The Cardboard Crown | Martin Boyd #CCspin

This remarkable novel, first published to a chorus of acclaim in 1952, is one of the lost classics of Australian literature. Martin Boyd is a deeply humane novelist, a writer of family sagas without peer. Set in Australia and England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, The Cardboard Crown presents an unforgettable portrait … Continue reading The Cardboard Crown | Martin Boyd #CCspin

AusReading Month – Celebration

AusReadingMonth has three ways to share your love of Australian literature – celebration, anticipation and promotion. You can combine all three in one post or spread them out over three separate posts. Celebration is all about what you’ve read this year. Simply list, collage and/or discuss the Australian books you’ve read since last AusReading Month. … Continue reading AusReading Month – Celebration

Six in Six

When it’s cold and grey outside, the only solution is books. And when you can’t decide which one to read next, then the next-best thing is to blog about books! Thankfully, FictionFan came to my rescue today with her recent post Six in Six. The meme originates with Jo @The Book Jotter, who has been … Continue reading Six in Six

Adult A-Z

All the tabs under Brona’s Books are pages associated with the BLOGSPOT edition of this blog. Some formatting issues have occurred during the changeover that will SLOWLY be remedied as I have the time & energy. All the old links have been removed as it is no longer possible to visit the posts on the … Continue reading Adult A-Z

Classics Club List #2

I completed my first Classics Club list in April 2018 – 7 months behind schedule. Part of the reason for the time lag was my impatience to start CC List #2 before I had finished the first! CC List #2 is a healthy mix of Australian, Asian, non-fiction, biographies of classic authors as well as … Continue reading Classics Club List #2