Book Stop

Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash Given that we cannot travel outside our home state, let alone the country, at the moment, I thought I might indulge my bookish instincts with my itchy feet and explore the world via bookshops. I have a number of bookshops on my to-visit wish list, if I am ever in that country, … Continue reading Book Stop

A few Australian children’s books to finish off AusReading Month 2022

Accidentally Kelly St illustrated by Briony Stewart with lyrics by Tim O’Connor from Frente! For people of a certain age, or perhaps people who had young children in 1992/93, you will remember the bubbly, joyful, effervescent pop group Frente! bouncing around our screens in colourful clothes, hair rollers and pearls. Accidentally Kelly Street was the … Continue reading A few Australian children’s books to finish off AusReading Month 2022

Heartstopper Vol 1 | Alice Oseman #GraphicNovel

How can someone so young be so successful already? Alice Oseman has been a YA publishing sensation for 6 years now. She was only 19 when her debut YA novel, Solitaire first appeared. Solitaire is narrated by Tori Spring ‘a pessimistic…teenage speed skater with a penchant for solving mysteries’. The story is all about her, … Continue reading Heartstopper Vol 1 | Alice Oseman #GraphicNovel

Costa Book Awards

The Whitbread Book Award was established in 1971 to encourage, promote and celebrate the enjoyment of reading.  They became the Costa Book Awards in 2006.   Highlighted books are the winners of the BOOK OF THE YEAR award as well as their category win. Books marked with an (R) are ones I’ve read but not reviewed.Books … Continue reading Costa Book Awards