The Fortunes of Richard Mahony | Part 1: Australia Felix

“Wife, I’ve a grave suspicion!” said Mahony, and took her by the chin. “While I’ve sat here my head in the clouds, you’ve been worrying over ways and means, and over having such an unpractical old dreamer for a husband. Now, child, that won’t do. I didn’t marry to have my girl puzzling her little … Continue reading The Fortunes of Richard Mahony | Part 1: Australia Felix

Myself When Young | Henry Handel Richardson #AWWautobiography

It has never been my way to say much about my private life. Autobiographies are by their nature completely different beasts to biographies. In a biography, the researcher is keen to unearth the ‘real’ person, to dig deep into archives, letters, journals and other people’s memories. Mostly this is done respectfully to honour the subject’s … Continue reading Myself When Young | Henry Handel Richardson #AWWautobiography

AusReading Month – Celebration

AusReadingMonth has three ways to share your love of Australian literature – celebration, anticipation and promotion. You can combine all three in one post or spread them out over three separate posts. Celebration is all about what you’ve read this year. Simply list, collage and/or discuss the Australian books you’ve read since last AusReading Month. … Continue reading AusReading Month – Celebration

Adult A-Z

All the tabs under Brona’s Books are pages associated with the BLOGSPOT edition of this blog. Some formatting issues have occurred during the changeover that will SLOWLY be remedied as I have the time & energy. All the old links have been removed as it is no longer possible to visit the posts on the … Continue reading Adult A-Z