Friends & Rivals | Brenda Niall #AWWbiography

‘All over the country, brooding on squatters’ verandahs, or mooning in selectors’ huts,’ so A. G. Stephens wrote in the Bulletin in 1901, ‘there are scattered here and there hundreds of lively, dreamy Australian girls whose queer uncomprehended ambitions are the despair of the household. They yearn, they aspire for they know not what…’ I … Continue reading Friends & Rivals | Brenda Niall #AWWbiography

A-Z Adult

Below are the links, in alphabetical order by title, to all the adult books I have read whilst blogging at This Reading Life. For the books I read during my 11 years at Brona’s Books, please visit the Brona’s Books tab on the menu. A. Adam Bede | George Eliot After Sappho | Selby Wynn … Continue reading A-Z Adult

The Magician’s Elephant | Kate DiCamillo

The Magician’s Elephant is my first time reading a Kate DiCamillo story. I’ve heard all the rave reviews about her other books and I don’t know how The Magician’s Elephant stacks up against them, but I loved this book. It was beautifully written, magically created, gorgeously realised and utterly compelling from start to finish. It … Continue reading The Magician’s Elephant | Kate DiCamillo