Seasons Greetings 2022

Summer has been missing in action for most of December (third year in a row!) but the meteorologists are promising that the next few days should be sunny and 28° C. We can but hope.

I’m working right up until the very end this year, so Christmas Day will be low-key, just family and hopefully restful.

Thank you all for your blogging friendship & bookish inspiration throughout 2022.

I hope you have a peaceful, joyous and safe Christmas wherever you are & however you celebrate this season.

This post was written on the traditional land of the Wangal clan, one of the 29 clans of the Eora Nation within the Sydney basin. This Reading Life acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are our first storytellers.

19 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings 2022

  1. Best wishes to you too, Brona!
    One of the few benefits of the pandemic has been for us to recognise what really matters, and I’ve learned that a low-key Christmas can be the way it’s really meant to be.
    I hope you have a lovely day,
    Lisa x

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    1. Seasons greeting to you too Lisa.
      Another thing the pandemic years have taught people (at least this year) is to be more organised with their Christmas shopping. Normally Christmas Eve is manic, while it was still very busy yesterday, it was far more civilised than during the pre-Covid years.

      Hope you enjoy your day with family too.

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  2. It’s hot in WA, and coming your way. But I’m down on the south coast with sea breezes, and most of my family in our bush retreat. Except that Psyche’s stuck in Darwin, Xmas doesn’t get much better.
    I hope you enjoy the day and survive the Boxing Day rush.

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    1. I saw the heatwave alert on the news last night! Looks like you, and those in SA and VIC will have a very hot Christmas. Hope you find a cool spot to retreat to.

      We went into the city for a couple of hours last night to see all the lights and to enjoy the cool of our first proper summer evening of the season, The crowds were very calm and courteous, family groups mingling and taking photos. After the busyness of work this month, it was nice to be reminded that this time of year is not all about people spending ridiculous amounts of money on stuff they really don’t need!

      Thankfully Boxing Day madness only happens in the city and the big department stores. Inner city high streets ignore the whole thing! We will have a lovely quiet, on-peninsula, day instead.


  3. Basking in front of Yuletide fire place…enjoying my Xmas treats coffee and Ferro Rocher bonbons…trying to slog through another chapter of Rome by Zola….and of course thinking of you in sunny Australia! I see that Santa has arrived in Sydney (00:35 am).. I hope he has brought you something special from you Xmas list, books? I’m waiting to hear the reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen…on my roof tonight! Have a great holiday with your family!

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    1. Enjoying the early morning cool in a quiet house after a busy, busy month, and finally a warm summer’s day yesterday. It made it all the way to 30°C for the first time in a long time.

      Hope Santa finds you Nancy.
      Merry Christmas

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  4. Hope you had a lovely day Brona … it’s been a busy Christmas Eve and Christmas here so I’ve not got around the blogs at all until now. Hope you enjoy your two weeks’ break.

    We had a warm day here in Melbourne, but it’s going to get hotter! Still I prefer than to the cold so I won’t be complaining.


    1. I thought you might be sweltering in the Melbourne heat this Christmas. Having grandbabies on hand must make this time of year extra exciting again though!

      We were thinking about heading over to Watson’s Bay to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart race, but not sure we can be bothered to deal with public transport or trying to find a park (if we drive) and then negotiating the crowds. In fact it is sounding less fun or likely as I type!!

      B22 gave me a Jane Austen puzzle for Christmas, that sounds more my speed today 😀


        1. We did! Watching the start on the tv was much easier

          The puzzle includes a stack of her famous lines & quotes. It’s a puzzle that has to be worked from the inside out as all the edge pieces are basically the same border pattern.


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