The 12 Days of Christmas

It all started with a 12 days of Christmas book tag.

Although, not really.

However, it’s as good a place as any to start.

The lead up to Christmas is pretty hectic for me. I work right up until the last minute, in the busiest week, in the busiest month of my work year. If we go away to be with our extended families, it also involves lots of planning and food prep…at a time when I am feeling most pressured and exhausted to boot. But, it’s what you do.

It’s not easy to also fit in a couple of scheduled blog posts to come due over the silly season.

This year, I managed to organise one and half such posts.

The Tailor of Gloucestor went live on Christmas Eve and I was planning a 12 Days of Christmas book tag for the 26th. All I had to do was add a few more hyperlinks to complete the deed.

But as I went to add the last link, blogger did it’s new/weird thing and accidentally deleted the whole post. The even newer/weirder 5 second autosave kicked in…and the post was gone…forever.

This was the third time in as many months that I had lost a hard won post during a crucial blogging phase.

I may have swore a little.

Over the next few days, I mulled and stewed and steamed.

I have contemplated moving to wordpress many times, but the loss of ALL my hyperlinks was too much to cope with.

This time, I was ready!

All my previous hyper links will continue to exist on my original blogger site. It is too hard to change them, so I will simply have to live with it. Given everything we have had to learn to live with this year, a little hyper link angst no longer seems so bad!

So here I am on WordPress.

Still Brona’s Books, but with a slight change in emphasis to celebrate the switch. The old byline is now the main heading and This Reading Life is born!


28 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Nothing like a ‘make-over” to lift one’s spirits!
    It will take a little time to get used to the layout…but good on you!
    No more ‘blogger’ stress…have an extra glass of champagne this year and welcome to “The Reading Life”.

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    1. Thank you Nancy. I still haven’t tweaked all the pages so it will be an ongoing project. At some point I will have to work out the point of the block editor too. But that’s another day!

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        1. I hadn’t heard of that problem before!
          I can see that I will have some formatting issues though. WordPress doesn’t seem to allow me as much latitude or as many options as blogger does. Swings & roundabouts I guess!

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          1. I have heard of others preferring blogger for formatting. I suppose every platform has its ups and downs, just depends in the end what works best. I’d hate to lose posts like you were though. That would have been the decider for me as well.

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            1. The most problems I have are with sites that use askimith for commenting. It will not let me like or comment on my phone. I’ve lost so many comments this way. I try to wait until I’m on my laptop for visiting other blogs now.

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  2. I completely understand your frustration with Blogger. It is such a pity they ruined a perfectly usable platform. Your new site looks very nice. Sometimes a change is kind of fun!


  3. I do sympathize with your lost post but woo hoo! You’ve moved to WordPress! Now I can comment more easily on your blog! I haven’t lost a post since moving to WordPress. I haven’t used the block editor yet. I still use the classic one but, like you, I’ll try to figure it out eventually.

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    1. Thanks Reese – it’s a work in progress. I still prefer the back end of Blogger – it allows you to tweek more things & you can be far more creative with themes & customisations. But loosing three posts was one too many!


    1. Hopefully no one will ever say that to me again Marina!! Although I also have trouble with wp sites that use Akismet. I cannot for the life of me like or leave a comment on them when I’m on my phone.

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