Classics Club Spin #25

It’s time for another Classics Club Spin.
The rules are easy: compile your list of 20 books by Sunday 22nd November.
On that day a number will be randomly selected.
That’s the book you read.
You have until the 30th January 2021 to finish your book and review it.
Join in the fun by visiting the other players and commenting on their lists.
It’s a great way to meet like-minded bloggers and explode your TBR classics wishlist!

In honour of AusReading Month, this spin I am going to focus on the Australian classics lingering on my TBR pile and ipad.

CC Spin #25

  1. The Timeless land | Elenor Dark
  2. An Australian Girl by Catherine Martin
  3. My Brilliant Career | Miles Franklin
  4. It’s Raining in Mango | Thea Astley
  5. A Little Bush Maid | Mary Grant Bruce
  6. The Pea-Pickers | Eve Langley
  7. Maurice Guest | Henry Handel Richardson
  8. Policy and Passion | Rosa Praed
  9. The Slow Natives | Thea Astley
  10. We of the Never-Never | Jeannie Gunn
  11. Voss | Patrick White
  12. Myself When Young | Henry Handel Richardson
  13. A Woman’s Experiences in the Great War | Louise Mack
  14. My Love Must Wait | Ernestine Hill
  15. The Battlers | Kylie Tennant
  16. A Mere Chance by Ada Cambridge
  17. Uncle Piper of Piper’s Hill | Tasma
  18. A Sydney Sovereign and Other Tales | Tasma
  19. Coonaroo by Katharine Susannah Prichard
  20. 1788 by Watkin Tench

My Previous 24 Spin Results:

Happy Spinning!

24 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #25

  1. I'm not as familiar with the Australian authors, but have looked at your books and will add several to my own long and growing TBR. Good luck on your reading


  2. Oooo, I love the collage of the different Spin choices! I was looking for your \”collective\” spin list but this is fun too. Have a great spin!


  3. I’d love to see out outlier spinners do local spins – an all Canadian classic spin or South African or French or New Zealand or Singapore or Indonesia or India for example.


  4. That's the one I'm most nervous about Emma! I tried to read Voss when I was 19 and found it tedious and gave up less than a third of the way in. I'm hoping the 30+ yrs reading experience since then, will help with that!


  5. Some aren't very familiar with me either Joseph! In that I know of the author, but very little about their work. Many of the titles will be a complete mystery and hopefully a pleasant surprise 🙂


  6. I feel the same with our Spinners who chose lots of Ancient texts from Rome and Greece. I know the main ones, but they moved on beyond those years ago and are now delving into the lesser known Ancient classics. It makes me realise that one lifetime will not be enough to read them all!


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