AusReading Month – Celebration, Anticipation & Promotion

AusReading Month Badge

Back in 2013, I was struck by a desire to celebrate and promote Australian literature. I chose the month of November to coincide with Triple J’s annual AusMusic Month.

Now in it’s 8th year, AusReading Month has grown from a few bloggers sharing their latest Aussie book reviews to include a host of bloggers around the world sharing their year-long love of Australian literature.
From the beginning we have trialled various Q&A options. The most popular ones were those that allowed us to make lists. A couple of years ago a book Bingo option made its way into the mix for those who like to play and make lists set around a theme.
This year we also have three new ways for you to make lists and talk about Australian books.
  1. Celebration is all about what you’ve read this year.
    • Simply list, collage and/or discuss the Australian books you’ve read since last AusReading Month. What were your favourites? Which ones can you recommend? Did you favour a certain genre or author this year?
  2. The second part is all about the Anticipation.
    • What do you hope/plan to read for AusReadingMonth 2020 and into the following year. What’s lurking on your TBR pile? How do you find out about Australian books? Which new releases have caught your eye?
  3. Promotion.
    • This is your chance to shout-out your favourite book event, bookshop, or blogger that features Australian books. You can also promote a publisher or author website that has caught your eye this year.
    • During this ‘unprecedented’ year, our usual way of hearing about new books by attending events at our favourite bookshops or literary festivals has changed. How have you found out about new online book events featuring Australian authors and books?
You can create three separate posts during November – Celebration, Anticipation and Promotion – or you can combine them all into one. Whatever works best for you.
The idea is to get excited about our Australian stories and share them.
I will include a linky with the Master Post on the 1st November where all our responses and reviews can be collected in one place.
Until then, I hope you like the new badge I’ve created for this year.
Please share on social media and spread the AusReading Month love.

11 thoughts on “AusReading Month – Celebration, Anticipation & Promotion

  1. Sounds good to me. I like the badge! And I'm gearing up … I am on the wait list for Evie Wyld's latest novel The Bass Rock … but in case it doesn't come in time, I'm getting a copy of her debut novel After the Fire, set in eastern Australia. Jane Harper's latest one doesn't get here till Feb. 2021. But perhaps if I have time I'll get to another Kate Grenville book …


  2. If work goes to plan I'll be free for the first few days of November and I'll put up a celebration/anticipation/promotion post and combine it with a reminder for Australian Women Writers Gen 3/Part II Week (second week of January) AND I also have a 'big' announcement for a project -in Australian writing of course – that will take me all of 2021. Meanwhile, tonight I might start at the light end of the scale and knock off Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta which has been repining in my TBR shelves for years. Bill


  3. I love the image and have managed to save it OK for once (I have terrible trouble with challenge images usually). I am just going to read the one book and have a horrible feeling I might not have read any others during the year, but I'll review it and go on the linky. I'm looking forward to it, anyway, having saved it up!


  4. They all sound like great options for AusReading Month. I'm sorry you have to wait so long for the Harper; it's racing off the shelves at work at the moment.


  5. Ohhhh, now I'm excited Bill. I love a big announcement!!Delighted to cross-promote your Gen 3 part II event as well – it will give me plenty of time to get organised with a book.And like your starting book, I suspect ALL of my books in Nov will be on the light and/or slight end of the spectrum. I have a couple of YA options up my sleeve for a quick read.


  6. Thank you for saving your Australian book all year to read in November :-)Hopefully some of the other posts coming in throughout Nov will inspire you with choices for 2021.


  7. This has given me the nudge I need to make an inroad into my collection of Richard Flanagan novels. I've just started The Sound of One Hand Clapping. Loving it so far…


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