Maigret and the Killer | Georges Simenon #ParisinJuly

A big part of the reason I love reading Maigret’s so much is the glimpse into life in Paris in the middle of the 20th century. Maigret and the Killer opens with Mrs Maigret and her man, dining out with friends discussing the merits of the Madame Pardon’s ‘unparalleled boeuf bourguignon…filling, yet refined‘, provincial cookery that was ‘born of necessity‘, whilst finishing off the meal with the obligatory ‘coffee and calvados.
This is the 70th book in the series and the year is 1969. The setting is Quai d’Anjou – the home of the young man killed in the first chapter. His parents are the wealthy owners of a cosmetic company. A stroll around the Quai d’Anjou is definitely on the cards if I ever return to Paris in real life!
As always, time with Maigret is easy. He may be getting stressed out by the details of the crime, but all the reader has to do is simply sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a pleasure watching how Maigret works to solve the case. It’s a joy to walk the streets of Paris with him and I never get tired of watching him eat. Whether its a golden tench baked in the oven, or ‘rilletes made locally, coq au vin blanc and, after goat’s cheese, rum babas‘ washed down with a little after dinner cognac, Maigret looks forward to each and every meal.
And I look forward to each and every Maigret.
  • This Penguin edition was published 5 November 2019.
  • Originally titled Maigret et le tueur. 
  • Translated by Shaun Whiteside.
Book 6 of 20 Books of Summer Winter

9 thoughts on “Maigret and the Killer | Georges Simenon #ParisinJuly

  1. I have yet to read Maigret, something I’m really interested in doing! And now Paris in July passed me by while I was trying to finish my books for Spanish Lit Month; the two coincide. Well, I have purchased a few Maigret novels for my nook at quite a bargain price, so soon I shall began.


  2. I have collected second hand Maigrets (and Simenons) for the past 50 years. On my one and only visit to Paris my first idea was to visit the Préfecture de Police – ok, we were really visiting Notre Dame, but I got the photograph to prove I've been there, and the house we stayed in is in every Maigret novel – four floors of apartments, a central courtyard, an entrance way with the concierge off to one side.Yes, I'm a fan. And I'm glad you are too. Bill


  3. I love, love, love the Maigret books but this one I've not read yet. Well, now I know what's coming up on my next book order! They're great fun, aren't they? Quick reads but worthy ones! Thanks, Brona!


  4. The good thing about the Maigret's are how quick and easy they are to read. You could knock one over in two reading sessions. They're a small package with a great deal of pleasure tucked away inside 🙂


  5. Every time I post a Maigret post, I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of fans that suddenly flock around. I'm envious of your (brief but documented) visit to the Préfecture de Police. Certainly any return trip to Paris for me will NOT involve a tent!BookStop #2


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