Dewey’s 24hr Readathon 2019

Dewey’s 24hr Readathon is here once again, bigger and better than ever.
Please check that your name is on the 1000+ list. 
I thought I had signed up weeks ago, but when I double-checked recently, I realised that I had somehow forgotten to follow through with my good intentions.
It’s not too late to sign up here.
The rules are very relaxed, join in as little or as much as you like. 
Read for all 24 hours or fit in as much reading as you can, when you can.
The idea is to read as much as you can with a supportive, fun group of bookish friends.
Any Australian readathoner’s who’d like to keep in touch, especially during the long dark-night time of the northern hemisphere (ie our Sunday afternoon) when it feels like we’re reading all alone, use the #readathonanz tag on twitter and say ‘hi’.
This will be my one and only Readathon post.
All book updates, memes or Q&A’s will be added below.
Scroll down to find the bits you’re most interested in.
I will check in on Twitter for real time updates and chats around the top of each hour that I am awake and/or in reading mode.
Opening Meme
Where Are You Reading?
Sydney, Australia
What Do You Hope To Read?
I like to have a selection of books.
Some are half-finished, some are for #AusReadingMonth in November, some are for Non-fiction November, Novellas in November and some are for work (all the kids books).
Obviously I won’t be reading or finishing all the books on my pile.
But I like to have choice depending on my mood and for when I get sleepy.

Who Am I?
My name is Bronwyn and I’m a bookseller & children’s book specialist, based in Sydney.
(My eldest nephew started calling me Brona when he learnt to talk. The nickname has stuck.)
I’ve been blogging for 10 years and a part of the readathon team for 6.
My Readathon Plans?
Readathon starts at 11pm EST, Sydney.
Therefore most of my readathon will actually occur on Sunday 27th October.
I plan to read for a couple of hours in bed, or until my eyes won’t stay open any longer!
Serious readathon reading will recommence at breakfast time.
You can check out your start time here.
The weather forecast is for a 23℃ day – sunny but windy.
I plan to check into social media for about 10 mins at the top of every hour.
I will join in memes and updates as I can.
I’m not a really a snacky kind of person, but tonight’s red chicken curry will also double as leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Dinner is yet to be decided!
Lessons Learnt?
I’m determined not to spend too much time on social media this year.
Part of what I love about this event, is the community, but I do have to remember to read some actual books as well!
I also have a few things I have to get done tomorrow, so I’ve learnt not to stress about not reading for the whole time. I simply read as much as I can for as long as I can. Anything more than an hour is a bonus above my usual Sunday.
You can find me on twitter.
Starting Pages:
The Griffith Review #63 Writing the Country pg 101
The Breeding Season by Amanda Niehaus pg 64
Confession with Blue Horses by Sophie Hardach pg 34

11pm Sat 26th Oct – 11am Sun 27th Oct
I was too tired to read anything, so decided a good night’s sleep was the best way to start my readathon.
Woke at 7am – dozed and read until 11 (it was that kind of week. Haven’t lazed away a Sunday morning like this in a very long time. It was delicious!)
Confession with Blue Horses – 110 pgs

11am – 2pm
Completed a few jobs but also read another 100 pgs of Confessions with Blue Horses.

2pm – 4pm
Lunch involved a glass of rose – turns out this is not conducive for readathon-ing.
Afternoon nap.
4pm – 8pm
Family time.
Dinner time.
8pm – 10pm
Finished Confessions with Blue Horses.

Read 303 pages.
Finished 1 book.

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