Stories & Shout Outs #19

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During this pause in my writing reviews phase, I will use Stories and Shout Outs to list my week of reading, blogging and other bookish things.

List #1 What I’m Reading Right Now
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama – enough people were kind enough last week to convince me to keep on with book this when I mentioned that I had got a little bogged down in the 1980’s.
  • How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn – #Dewithon19
  • Accidental Feminists by Jane Caro
List #2 What I’ve Finished – Short Stories
Meanjin A-Z 
  • Intelligence Quotient by Georgia Blain – not particularly memorable; made me feel lonely.
Griffith Review 63 Writing the Country
  • Crossing the Line: Unknown unknowns in a liminal, tropical world by Ashley Hay – where I learnt for the first time that “current calculations suggest that the tropics are moving south at around 85km each decade.” OMG! Really!?
  • Lost and Found in Translation; Who Can Talk to Country? by Kim Mahood – lots of interesting stuff about songlines, stories, belonging, time and memory.
Desire by Haruki Murakami
  • The Second Bakery Attack – odd little story about how hunger can drive you to crime or is that how an unfinished crime drives you to hunger?
  • On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning – or how you think of the perfect pick up line hours after the event!
List #3 Books in Books
Kim Mahood’s essay (see list #2) was full of book references:
  • DH Lawrence, Kangaroo, Sons and Lovers & The Lost Girl.
  • Patrick White, Voss.
  • Randolph Stow, To the Islands, Tourmaline, Midnite, The Merry-go-round in the sea and Visitants.
  • Robyn Davidson, Tracks.
  • Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines.
  • Nicolas Rothwell, Belomor.
  • Philip Jones, Ochre and Rust.
List #4 New to the Pile

Islands by Peggy Frew
The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon
The Feel Good Guide to Menopause by Dr Nicola Gates
Literary Places by Sarah Baxter (very excited about this one – just look at that cover!)
List #5 Shout Outs
  • Cirtnecce @Mockingbirds, Looking Glasses and Prejudices has decided to read WOMEN ONLY authors during March in honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th. Except for Richard Llewellyn, which I’ve already committed myself to read this month, I will endeavour to read as many women authors as I can, for the rest of the month.
  • Thanks to #Dewithon19 I’ve just discovered that Chris @Calmgrove has another blog dedicated to all things Arthur called Pendragonry. It looks delightful.

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