CCList #1 Done & Dusted

Life continues it’s crazy shenanigans, so much so that I’ve only just realised that I forgot to celebrate two major blogging milestones.

Two weeks ago was my 9th blogging anniversary!

I shouldn’t forget this anniversary every year as it shares the date with B21’s birthday. But, somehow, this year, 21 took precedence over 9! I’m still not sure how or why I chose to start my blog the night of his 12th birthday. Except that back then, by 8:30pm he and his younger brother would have been in bed which then gave Mr Books & I several lovely, quiet hours to potter around doing our own thing every evening. These days we’re lucky to be done with dinner by 8:30pm!

My second HUGE milestone was finally completing my first Classics Club list.

It was 8 months overdue, with the final book being read and reviewed just before our trip to Japan…which is why I forgot all about it.

That’s 65 classics in 5 and half years.
I loved revisiting some favourites, like my Jane Austen’s and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the highlights included the ‘new’ discoveries like Willa Cather, Emile Zola, Vera Brittain, Wallace Stegner, Elizabeth Gaskell and Barbara Pym.

Many of these books were read thanks to a CC Spin, Austen in August, Sync Reading, AusReadingMonth or other readalong. That’s why I’ve always loved The Classics Club, despite it’s natural ebbs and flows, it has always been there quietly promoting the reading and enjoyment of classics.

So, what’s next?

CC List #2 of course!

Another 65 books in 5 years. I actually started reading books off this list last year, so for about 6 months my two lists overlapped.

I’ve aimed for a greater degree of diversity in CC List #2. It features a number of biographies about classic authors, a number of annotated Austen’s, a smattering of non-fiction classics with a mix of Japanese, Australian and books in translation as well.

To streamline my classics reading, I also separated out my Children’s Classics and my Classics REreads. It’s nice to have them sitting there waiting for when I need a comfort read.

Also waiting patiently are the TBR classics lurking and multiplying here – forming the basis for CC List #3!

I haven’t had much time for reading lately, let alone reviewing or blogging. But my yucky winter cold is finally gone, our new business has now settled into a smooth manageable rhythm and I’m about to embrace a new challenge….but more of that later.

20 thoughts on “CCList #1 Done & Dusted

  1. Wow, congratulations! And your next list looks great. (Except I'd switch out for a different Sherlock Holmes novel. Sign of Four or something…)


  2. I also send congrats….Classic List completed + BLOG anniversary.What a great feeling that is.I will have a look at your new list and yet again you inspire.I've read many classics…but not from a specified listI will make one today!


  3. Wow that nine years has gone fast! Well done Brona for sticking it out & putting your writing plan into action. It's easy to talk about being a writer, one day, but never actually do anything about it. And here you are celebrating nine years of being a writer!Your love of reading classics is an inspiration to the rest of us.xo


  4. Congratulations! Your cc#2 looks great. I'm hoping to complete my cc#1 soon, probably a year past due, but stuff happens. I look forward to following your journey through #2.


  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement. I love the serendipitous nature of the Classics Club list. It's lovely that you found new authors through following the list. Now I must be off to take a look at your original list and your list #2.


  6. You can see my list on blog (page Classic Club Master List).Book selections are very traditional and Intried to include as many as I could from my TBR. 🙂


  7. I'm getting close! I was a little worried about the future of the CC given that the moderators all needed to step down. How wonderful to discover that you are one of the new moderators! I know we are in good hands now. Thank you for taking this on.


  8. And thank you for the pat on the back Mary. It has been lovely to get so much support and encouragement from the Classics Club community over the past few days 🙂


  9. 9 years – well done! Great that you’re one of the CC moderators. I’m still going with my first CC list which finishes at the end of this year. I had 50 initially but I kept adding books. I look forward to starting a new list.


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