I Am Reading…

I’m very excited to have a copy of book 8 of the Rowland Sinclair series in my hands for this NSW October Labour Day long weekend.

The series has had a recent change of cover style. I miss the old art deco style covers, but I think these darker covers show the crime side of the story off more.

My previous reviews for the first seven books plus prequel can be found here, but for now here’s a little taster for A Dangerous Language.

Volunteering his services as a pilot to fly renowned international peace advocate Egon Kisch between Fremantle and Melbourne, Rowland is unaware how hard Australia’s new attorney-general will fight to keep the “raging reporter” off Australian soil. 

In this, it seems, the government is not alone, as clandestine right-wing militias reconstitute into deadly strike forces. 

A Communist agent is murdered on the steps of Parliament House and Rowland finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of politics and assassination.
A disgraced minister, an unidentified corpse and an old flame all bring their own special bedlam.

Once again Rowland Sinclair stands against the unthinkable, with an artist, a poet and a brazen sculptress by his side.

Gentill’s epigraph is one from George Bernard Shaw.

Like Rowland, GBS was anti-war and socialist in nature. One of the meanings of ‘fellow traveller‘ is someone who is a communist sympathiser, but not a member of the Party, which sums up Rowland perfectly.
Time to stop chatting and time to start reading.

What are you reading?

2 thoughts on “I Am Reading…

  1. Spring is just around the corner and you can enjoy a great reading weekend with S. Gentill.What am I reading? Trying to plow my way though a Cambridge Companion of Ancient History 1 chapter per day. Some essays are as dry a cork! Nagging feeling that I am neglecting my French reading, I start 'Tsubaki' by Aki Shimazaki (pg 115) to get me going again. Read 4 non-fiction last week and am now taking a break. Aussie reads are planned: T. Astley \”A Boat Load of Home Folk\” and 'Aunts up the Cross bby R. Dalton. Have a great weekend ….!!


  2. Some heavy reading going on there Nancy – I hope you're enjoying them. It's a funny coincidence because the other book I packed for our weekend away was Aunts Up the Cross! Happy autumn 🍂 to you


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