The Essex Serpent | Sarah Perry

As most of you know, the past couple of months or so has been rather trying for me and my family. As a result I’ve been searching through my rather extensive (okay, out of control) TBR piles for comforting, cosy, entertaining reads to ease me through this time.the+essex+serpent.jpg

The Essex Serpent came highly recommended to me via a colleague as exactly that kind of escapist read that I was looking for.

Right from the beginning I went along for the ride that Sarah Perry set up so lushly. The Victorian time frame, the hint of danger, mystery and myth as well as a full cast of engaging characters kept me hooked and eager to pick up my book at the end of each day. The gorgeous William Morris-esque cover, designed by Peter Dyer, provided the aesthetic appeal to soothe my soul.

I loved how Perry focused on all the ways we love – parental love, friendship, the first flush of romantic love, unrequited love and the long term, loyal love of a happy marriage. Having taken the time to consider Perry’s epigraph, I was conscious of her intent the whole way through and it added to my reading experience. This was a story all about loving others purely and simply for who they are. Really, that’s all any of us wants, isn’t it?

I found The Essex Serpent to be a warm, generous and joyous read. Highly recommended as a holiday read or for those feeling jaded and in need of a good old-fashion, heart-warming bookish embrace.

  • Shortlisted for the 2016 Costa Novel Award
  • Longlisted 2017 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction.

3 thoughts on “The Essex Serpent | Sarah Perry

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this! It sounds as though it was the perfect read for you at the moment. I agree with what you've said about the focus on different types of love – I liked that aspect of the book too.


  2. I picked this up at the airport in Manchester, trying to get read of the last pounds in my wallet before heading home to the U.S. So glad to hear it's a good one–I loved the premise on the back cover, the title, and the cover–it's been so long since I picked up a book almost at random. \”A good old-fashion reading romp\” is just what I am looking for!


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