Florette by Anna Walker

Anna Walker’s whimsical water colour illustrations appeal to my inner child. Last year the CBCA award winning Mr Huff captured my attention while the gorgeous storm-tossed Peggy won my heart a couple of years before that.

Florette is another urban story about moving and adjustment and finding home wherever you are. Environmental concerns are addressed as Mae takes us on a nature journey in her new city – we experience first hand the impact of nature on our moods and attitudes. We also see the importance of having a passion, expressing your creativity and keeping busy as ways of helping us to adjust to change.

From small beginnings much bigger things can grow. You just have to start. And that small start can lead to friendship, good health and happiness.

Walker taps into an emotional truth as well as the gentle innocence of childhood in each of books. I predict another CBCA nomination ahead for Florette.

8 thoughts on “Florette by Anna Walker

  1. The CBCA is the Children's Book Council of Australia – they run a book award every year. There is a link on my sidebar for previous winners and last week I put up a post about this year's nominations.


  2. For me the best part of a children's book are the illustrations.I looked at Anne Walker's website and it is beautiful!Please include as much info about the artist as you can….I love to do some research after reading your reviews!


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