That’s a Wrap

#AusReadingMonth has once again come to an end.

Another fabulous month of highlighting Australian books and Australian authors.

Thank you to the many who left comments on the master post and on twitter and a special thank you to those who took the time to read and review the Australian books lurking on their TBR piles.

I love being reminded how wonderful Australian writing can be and I love reading stories that reflect the world I know and live in.

Next year I may consider doing an abbreviated version of AusReadingMonth as I find it hard to maintain my momentum for the entire month…and this is a pretty low-key event already!

I’m also aware that I haven’t assessed or spent any time planning this event for a couple of years now. I have added an alert notice to my calendar for Sept 2017 to hopefully rectify this.

If you would like to share any of your thoughts or ideas about what you’d like to see happen in AusReadingMonth next year please let me know in the comments below.
Perhaps we could have discussion topics or mini-challenges? Or someone might like to host a week? Maybe free and easy reading and reviewing at your own leisure is best after all?
I’m all ears!

I have left the linky open for a few more days so any late reviews can be added.


4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

  1. I thank you for your herculean task…keeping #AusReadingMonth alive for so many years!After a long year of reading it is fun to relax and read non-fiction.Suggestion: combine your #AusreadingMonth with #Nonficnov! Non-fiction is interesting….easy to review and just plain fun!There must be lots to learn reading Australinan non-fiction.Thanks for hosting!


  2. Thank you for adding an international flavour to #AusReadingMonth Nancy.I do try to combine my reading with NonFicNov….but it takes me so much longer to read non-fiction, that I'm still going with the two I started at the beginning of the month!!And the one I did finally review took me three #ARM's to complete!Perhaps if I just read one at a time….but I can't seem to do that.


  3. I did no Aus Reading this month, sorry! But I enjoyed the reviews. I am planning a Month of Re-Reading next year but also wondering if I do one a month instead, maybe an idea for those Months Of?


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