Ollie and the Wind by Ronojoy Ghosh

Ollie and the Wind is such a sweet story and a marvellous achievement by a debut author/illustrator, Ronojoy Ghosh.

Ghosh has worked as an art director in the advertising industry for the past 15 years.
He was inspired to write Ollie and the Wind for his young son who loves bedtime stories every night.

Many of us have felt this kind of inspiration thanks to the children in our lives, but very few of us are actually capable of producing a beautiful book that captures the simple joys of childhood as well as Ghosh has.

Ollie lives on an island and is used to solitude and finding ways to amuse himself. But one day the naughty wind steals his hat, then his scarf and balloon.

I was particularly enthralled by Ghosh’s illustrations. Like Alison Lester, he uses simple, clean lines and shapes to convey movement and perspective.

Shortlisted for this year’s CBCA Early Childhood category, Ollie and the Wind is a delightful read aloud book to share with young children.

My CBCA shortlist post is here.

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