Take Back Your Shelves Readathon

JMill Wanders is hosting a spontaneous, casual readathon this weekend for those suffering from 24hr readathon withdrawal.

The idea is to focus on all those TBR books cluttering up your shelves…or in my case, the bedside chair!

It’s Memorial Weekend in the States, but in Australia this is our first calendar weekend of winter *big sigh*

I am not a winter person, but the one good thing about the cooler weather (that finally arrived in Sydney this week – I say finally, because the long, hot autumn/summer was causing me some major global warming pangs) is that it’s just lovely to curl up under a blanket in a warm, sunny spot and do nothing but read and drink warm drinks.

I’m not going to predict how many or which books will disappear from my bedside chair this weekend, but five of them are already part read, so it would be nice to finish at least one before Monday night.

It is now 6pm on Friday evening – my weekend starts NOW!

Happy Reading


One thought on “Take Back Your Shelves Readathon

  1. I can only plod along on my TBR. It will be years before I get through the queue. I hope you have a very happy and active reading this weekend. Being American I am going to enjoy my Memorial Day Weekend! 🙂


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