Call me crazy.
But here I go again with a reading challenge. 
Estella’s Revenge is trying to boost her reading enthusiasm by reading 15 books during the month of October & she has requested company.
With extra work shifts coming my way during October, starting and finishing 15 whole books is way beyond my capabilities. 
But with a little tweek here and a little tweek there, I could use this reading challenge to help me finish all the books languishing on my goodreads ‘currently reading’ list as well as keep ahead of my work TBR list.
Some of the books vying for my attention right now are…

…my Classics Club Spin, a highly recommended and a new release.
A few non-fiction titles that have been lurking for months now!
Three half finished books desperate to be done!
A few early reader new releases at work that look tempting.
Just 3 of the ARC’s on my TBR pile that are no longer so ‘advanced’!
 Will you be reading like an animal during October? 

11 thoughts on “15in31

  1. It is win, win. I randomly picked 200 as my goodreads target this year (having never picked a good reads target before). It is somewhat depressing each time I visit to see that I'm always 58 books behind schedule- even with including picture books. I certainly admire your chutzpah at aiming at 15 in October. Good luck with it- you've got lots of interesting titles there.


  2. I'm in, I have a list of about 20 books to choose from. I still haven't started the Ferrante series — I started the first one back in March when I was actually in Italy, but I just couldn't get into it — probably not the right time. I did pick up the second one in the series while I was there as a souvenir. Happy reading and I look forward to seeing your progress!


  3. I'm glad to hear you say that Karen. I'm enjoying My Beautiful Friend, but so far don't see quite why everyone else has gone crazy over it…..hmmm


  4. I enjoyed A Spool of Blue Thread very much, which was shortlisted for the Booker as I'm sure you know. I, too, have been meaning to get to the last of Ferrente's Neopolitan books, and The Secret Chord. I wish you well!


  5. 3 chapters in…and it's a resounding hallelujah….there's a blaze of light/ in every word/ it doesn't matter which you heard/ the holy or the broken hallelujah….


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