Stories & Shout Outs #1

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One of the things I love about this blogging life is visiting other blogs.

I love finding new books and authors, I love the friendly discussions about books and I love the connections.

Some weeks are busier than others though.

Some weeks I stop by lots of blogs, leave comments, join in memes and write several reviews.

Other weeks I’m lucky to write one review, let alone visit any of my favourite blogs.

I also regularly spot reviews of books I’m about to read, but I don’t want to read the review until after I’ve finished the book. The problem is when I finally finish the book and want to go back to read the review, I can’t remember who, what or where it was!

I thought I might try to keep a record of them here…on Stories & Shout Outs – a time and place for me to highlight and keep track of reviews or posts of interest.

My Shout Outs may or may not be of interest to others..

A while back I spotted that the busy folk at Bloggiesta were planning another week of blog maintenance.
I had planned on joining in, but we now have visitors coming to stay this week, so I doubt that I will get much work done on my blog. But I would like to join in some of the twitter chats if I can – so this is the link to the Bloggiesta Twitter Chat Schedule starting on Thursday (note to self – check time zone differences for each one).

I’m about half way through A Little Life and would like to go back to read reviews by Savidge Reads, Dolce Bellezza, Roof Beam Reader and Sam Still Reading.
If you also have a review of A Little Life I’m happy for you to leave your link for it in the comments below for me to get to next week. I suspect I will want to talk to lots of people about it at the end!

I have Paris Nocturne by Nobel Prize winner, Patrick Modiano on my bedside table.
Lisa Hill’s was the first review I had seen for it anywhere. It made me keener to get stuck into it….after A Little Life perhaps.

I would also like to check in with the bloggers participating in the (wo)man booker shadow panel to see what their personal shortlists are before the big announcement on Tuesday from Booker HQ.

But for now, that is all.
It’s time to dive back into ALL to see what Jude is berating himself for this time.


13 thoughts on “Stories & Shout Outs #1

  1. “Shout Outs” and “Laudable Linkage” and these sorts of posts are absolutely my favorite part of blogging. I’m so glad you do this, and thank you for including a link to one of my reviews as part of the content this week! I’m honored.


    1. Thanks Adam.
      As you probably saw, this is an old post. As I have time, now that I’m on WP, I’m tidying up old posts. Today (during a 2 week lockdown in Sydney), I’m adding the new WP badge to all my old stories & shout out posts. I forgot that pingbacks would happen to any links embedded in the post! You may get some more 🙂


        1. It’s interesting to see how A Little Life gets another surge of sales at work, every time we have a lockdown. People use the time to read those chunksters they’ve always been meaning to. I may even get to Ducks, Newburyport read soon!


  2. I remember A Little Life being a complicated book, and an emotionally intense one. It is one of the few that has made me literally cry; I think it touched a lot of childhood issues in my own life. I will be eager to talk about it with you.

    Also, I think Shout Outs is a great idea! I just have to visit my friends more faithfully.

    Finally, I have a Patrick Modiano on hold at the library, too. I plan to read it for Paris in July; yet I have myself quite committed with a Sea of Fertility read along on Instagram. I have never read all four of Mishima’s books in this tetralogy before.


    1. Thanks Meredith.

      As you may or may not have noticed, this is an old post.
      As I have time, now that I’m on WP, I’m tidying up old posts. Today (during a 2 week lockdown in Sydney), I’m adding the new WP badge to all my old stories & shout out posts. I forgot that pingbacks would happen to any links embedded in the post! You may get some more 🙂

      A Little Life is certainly a memorable read. It has stayed with me for over five years and I still regularly recommend it at work.

      It’s funny rereading this post…cause I still haven’t read Paris Nocturne!


  3. Hmmm…not sure why this post showed up in box from year’s ago….you probably don’t want to talk about it anymore now. Still, I appreciate your thoughts and all you do.❤️


    1. Any time I update an old post from my Blogspot days, if I have linked to another WP blogger, they get the WP pingback message. Curiously, it has been lovely seeing some of my ‘old’ thoughts. It’s also lovely getting messages from people like yourself on the different posts today 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am sorry I’ve been so remiss in visiting…something I would Ike to improve.🥰 Ironically enough, my blog will be losing the .net domain, and I’m wondering if I will lose friends. Switching platforms is never easy!


        1. No need to apologise. My ability to visit and comment on blogs is sporadic at best. We all do the best we can 🙂
          I seem to have lost some of my regular blogspot followers with the move, but after 6 mnths, things are smoothing out now. Good luck with the change!


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