Digger Dog by William Bee

Digger Dog has become a personal favourite.

With it’s repetitive, accumulative text, Digger Dog is great to read to a group or to share one-on-one.

Written by William Bee and illustrated by Cecilia Johansson, this book is perfect for 2-5 yr olds who love a good surprise.

Digger Dog loves to dig.

Whilst digging for a bone, he finds that he needs bigger and bigger tools to get the job done as his hole gets bigger and bigger.

The wonderful fold out final page delights young readers & adults alike with its size and its surprise!

Digger Dog was published in 2013 by Nosy Crow.

2 thoughts on “Digger Dog by William Bee

  1. Oh, I should see if I can get a hold of this book. I'm sure Kid #3 would love it, especially since Digger Dog looks a little bit like Kipper—well, different color and not quite as round, but still similar. (BTW, Kid #3 LOVES Owl Babies, which I got based on your recommendation.)


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