The Joys of Blogging #368

There are no words to adequately describe how wonderful it was to meet Melissa (& her lovely Huz) from Avid Reader’s Musings face to face in Sydney last night. Living on the other side of the world from most of the other bloggers I chat with, I thought the chances of ever meeting any of you in person was very slim indeed.

Melissa contacted me last year asking for advice on things to see and do in Sydney. Several emails & blog posts later and with anticipation & excitement, the happy day finally arrived! Not only was Melissa in my home town seeing all the beautiful sites that Sydney has to offer, but we had also made plans to meet up.

I believe that Huz and Mr Books were concerned about how we would recognise each other and one of our Booklets was concerned about cyber strangers & how did we know if we were meeting axe murderers or not!

Delightfully, Melissa and I recognised each other straight away & the only lethal weapons in sight were the deadly gin and tonics served at high altitude!

We splashed out for drinks at Blu Bar on 36 to take in the magnificent views of Sydney Harbour at sunset. We laughed, compared accents & chatted non-stop about books, blogging and travelling!

I don’t normally post photos of myself on my blog, and these pics are not the best I’ve ever taken, but I simply had to share this special occasion.

I hope, before too long, that Mr Books & I will be able to return the favour & catch up with Melissa & Huz in Indianapolis.

Mel posted about the night as well. Her post is here.

19 thoughts on “The Joys of Blogging #368

  1. What fun! I can imagine that you had lots to talk about! Your comment about murders made me laugh, because I met up with one of my Goodreads friends on a trip, and one of my friends was terrified that I'd be murdered. She was surprised to see me home safe and sound (and un-murdered). :-DThanks for sharing!


  2. It's not too shabby!!Smartphone photo's do it no justice at all – you'll simply have to see it for yourself some time – I 'm happy to meet as many blogging friends up there as would like to turn up 🙂


  3. Yes we need to do that. I'm just not getting to Sydney as much as I'd like this year. I'm not getting away at all actually, my work roster is crazy at the moment.


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