Use Your Imagination | Nicola O’Byrne

Use Your Imagination becomes the standard response for the big bad wolf when rabbit asks for help to tell a story…Use-Your-Imagination

…as long as rabbit’s imagination involves a ‘once upon a time’, a baddie in the size and shape of a wolf, a hero, a forest and an ending where the big bad wolf is no longer hungry!

Obviously, the big bad wolf has forgotten how all good fairy tales really end though as rabbit takes control of his story…just in time!

O’Byrne tells a tale that is funny, vaguely familiar and full of imagination.

This fractured fairy tale is the perfect resource for school teachers to explain the basics of storytelling to their classes.

It’s also perfect for parents to share with their 4+ year olds or for anyone, any age, who enjoys seeing the innocent underdog best the baddies of this world!

A win/win book for everyone (except the big bad wolf of course).

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