Henny by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Henny is not your usual chicken – she’s a chicken born with arms!

Sometimes Henny liked having arms and sometimes she didn’t.

She liked being different.

She didn’t like being different.
This is a sweet and funny story about how Henny copes with being different. 
She faces her worries & discovers all the good things she can do with arms – all from the safe haven of her mother’s unconditional love.
I read Henny to a group of 3-4 yr olds this week to great delight. 
The children and their parents chuckled at the textual & visual humour. They poured over the simple line drawings, fascinated by Henny’s arms.
Stanton is a debut picture book author with a blog & website of her own – I can’t wait to see what she does next. 
But for now, if you love your quirky with a good dose of adorable, then check out Henny now!
Giggles guaranteed.

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