Classics Club Spin #6

Yes! It’s that time again.
Time for another Classics Club spin (happy face!)

If this is your first one, please click here to find out how to join in.

My previous spins have been successful and enjoyable:

#1 was The Magnificent Ambersons with Cat.

#2 was Tess of the D’Urbervilles with Lakeside Musings & Several Four Many.

#3 was My Cousin Rachel.

#4 was The Brothers Karamazov with Bree who also read a Dostoyevsky novel this spin. I’m still reading this chunkster…very slowly…and with lots of breaks. A good editor would have been helpful 🙂

#5 was The Odyssey with Plethora of Books. This one was a little cheat as I had started it for another readlong, but struggled to finish. I added it to my list to motivate me to finish it. When no. 20 spun up it seemed like the gods had decreed it so!

On Monday 12th May, the Classics Club will announce which number we will read and review by the 7th July.

Regulars to my blog (and to the spins) will know that I like to match my spin books to fellow clubbers and their list of books, in the hope of sharing my reading experience with at least one other.

Spin #6 looks like this….

1. No Name             reading with Melbourne on My Mind

2. Stoner                 reading with whatmeread

3. Villette                  reading with Bookworm Chronicles & Imperfect Happiness

4. Slaughterhouse 5             reading with Howling Frog

5. A Tale of Two Cities              reading with Kelly 

6. Moll Flanders               reading with Bookish Realm

7. Hunchback of Notre Dame          reading with Helen & NonModern

8. Picture of Dorian Gray        reading with Plethora

9. Tenant of Wildfell Hall             reading with Bookworm Chronicles

10. The Berlin Novels               reading with Audra

11. Eugénie Gandet               reading with Exploring Classics

12. My Antonia                   reading with Too Fond

13. Don Quixote                  reading with Sophia

14. The Bell Jar                     reading with Alternative Reader

15. North and South                 reading with LindyLit

16. The Silent Spring                reading with BookerTalk

17. A Game of Hide and Seek               reading with Fleur

18. Diary of Anne Frank                 reading with the Classics Club

19. Tender is the Night                 reading with Bibliographic Manifestations

20. So Big                              reading with Read the Gamut

Good luck and happy spinning!

Early Tuesday Morning Update (EST Australia):

Our lucky spin number is 1!

I will be reading No Name by Wilkie Collins with Melbourne on My Mind.

I read and loved Moonstone and Woman in White many years ago, so I’m really looking forward to reading another Collins.

15 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #6

  1. Here's hoping we'll get a good book in the Spin.. Wanted to add that I have put your blog into my favourite's on Travellin Penguin. Hope you don't mind. I'd not found it before and I really like it. Here's to some good Aussie blogs.


  2. Thanks for stopping by. I found your blog last year when I was doing AusReading Month and I try to pop by regularly to see what you're up to now 🙂


  3. I really love the way you do your spin, Brona. I think I look forward to seeing your books and reading buddy pairings almost as much as the spin itself! 🙂 Since I joined you and Plethora in reading The Odyssey the last spin, I thought I might do so again with another book. However, I've read quite a few of the ones on your list this time. I'd be interested in Silent Spring and possibly The Diary of Anne Frank. And there are a couple of book that I haven't heard of, so I'll have to check those out.I hope you have a great spin! And good luck with The Brothers Karamazov. I just finished Dostoyevsky's The Idiot. It was very good but he does have a style of communicating that takes awhile to get used to.


  4. Thanks Cleo…I'm very impressed with how you read not only your spin choice but others as well!!You and Plethora certainly helped me finish The Odyssey with grace and dignity :-)I will finish The Brother's K – I am enjoying it and I find it easy to pick up where I left off each time. It just has so many tangents and divergent story lines! When he starts back on a character I feel little affinity to, I put it down for a while.


  5. What a great list….! If you get Don Quixote or Hunchback of Notre Dame… my advice is to get crackín' right away. They are chunksters!


  6. There are a few in your list that I would like to start ASAP – Tender Is the Night and re-read of Dorian Gray – so I may pick those up to read alongside in case these get picked for you. 🙂 As always, love your approach – good luck for the spin, Brona!


  7. No Name! I'm secretly hoping no.1 gets picked so you can read No Name. Although, your whole list is full of amazing looking reads. Good luck 🙂


  8. I really like that you list others with the same book at the same spot on the list! (And not even because I'm on #3.) How do you find all of them? Do you construct your list as you read others' lists, or do you do yours and then look at others' lists and see where they overlap?


  9. From everything I've read about No Name, it looks like you got a good pick! I hope you and your reading buddy both enjoy it. 🙂


  10. I love the idea of reading my spin book with someone else – it so much more social.I keep a draft post as I read through everyone's comments/links on the Classics Club master post. As I find a book in common to my list, I match the number to my list. By Sunday evening, I usually have a book & fellow reader for each number.Last spin, I realised that a number of bloggers don't add their link to the comments section of the CC spin post. But I google \”classics club spin 6\” and these ones usually pop up or I find them on twitter.It becomes a good excuse to explore another blog in depth to see what things other bloggers try; what works; what I like etc.


  11. Oh, nice pick! I really enjoyed The Woman in White, though I haven't read any other Collins, yet. Here's hoping you enjoy it :).


  12. Hope you enjoy No Name! It's next on my Wilkie Collins list (loved Moonstone and Woman in White), but I'm not sure when I'll actually get to it.


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