Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon

Australian author/illustrator Gus Gordon has presented us with another quirky, heart-warming tale.

There are no chickens in sight in Herman and Rosie.

Herman is an oboe playing, wild boysenberry yoghurt loving crocodile.
Rosie is a jazz singing, toffee loving deer.
They live in opposite apartments in New York but have never met. They are both lonely and searching for something soulful to give their lives meaning.

Like Wendy (the adventure seeking chicken), Herman and Rosie is not necessarily a story for younger picture book devotee’s.

The humour and emotional complexity appeals to older minds and hearts. I loved it and I’m sure it will be a hit with parents – I’m just not sure it’s a read aloud book to share with young children.

As my 12 year old stepson said, “I’m not an adult, living in an apartment, going to work. I’m just a kid living in a city.” He failed to connect with the big city blues that Rosie and Herman experienced.

Herman and Rosie is a September release with Penguin Australia.

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