Arkie Sparkle Treasure Hunter | Petra James

arkie sparkle 1
For young girls who love their EJ 12 books comes a new series about a time-travelling 11 year old – Arkie Sparkle Treasure Hunter.Arkie’s parents are archaeologists, hence her name! The series begins when Arkie’s parents are kidnapped and Arkie is left a series of clues and challenges – she must find seven treasures across the seven continents in seven days. She is helped by her BFF, TJ and the dog-wonder, Cleo.

Arkie Sparkle is an easy, fun romp through history and geography.

The reader is required to make a few leaps of faith as improbable events abound, but, hey, there aren’t too many books for 7 -10 year readers that casually throw in Latin quotes or Confucious sayings.

Book 1: Code Crimson is out now published by Pan Macmillan Australia.
Book 2: Time Trap is due out next month.
Book 3: White Fright is due out in September.
Book 4: Ruby Red is due out in October.

Petra James is a pseudonym for “an emerging children’s author” as quoted from the Pan Macmillan title page. So he/she/they could be Australian, but I’m always a little disappointed when the author chooses anonymity.

2 thoughts on “Arkie Sparkle Treasure Hunter | Petra James

  1. These sounds like interesting and rather cerebral books for kids. I understand your displeasure with the anonymous emerging childrens author business. Still I'll keep an eye out for this series.


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