The Way We Fall | Megan Crewe


The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall is an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it book.

A virus suddenly takes hold on an island population. They’re quickly cut off from the mainland and left to fend for themselves as one by one they die, go hungry and become desperate.

Only 6 people survive the virus. One of them is Kaelyn and this is her story.

She tells us the story via her journal that she is writing to her best friend Leo, who left the island a few weeks before the virus began. This is the only part that doesn’t really work for me. The Leo storyline seems contrived and Crewe keeps trying to make it significant right up to the very end.

But the rest is pure apocalyptic drama. It races along. People die by the truck-load. We see the best and worst of human nature.

Update: The end of the world is getting closer! Megan Crewe is now infecting us all with her virus!!

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The only cure is to stay inside with a good book for company – and here is an excerpt of The Way We Fall to get you started.

It starts with an itch you just can’t shake. Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat. A few days later, you’ll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they’re old friends. Three more, and the paranoid hallucinations kick in.

And then you’re dead.

When sixteen-year-old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again. But then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike. As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island: no one can leave, and no one can come back.

Those still healthy must fight for the island’s dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival. As everything familiar comes crashing down, Kaelyn joins forces with a former rival and discovers a new love in the midst of heartbreak. When the virus starts to rob her of friends and family, she clings to the belief that there must be a way to save the people she holds dearest.

Because how will she go on if there isn’t?

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