The History Keepers | Damian Dibben

The History Keepers: The Storm Begins is the start of a great new series for good 10+ readers.

I suspected that Damian Dibben must have been a teacher in a previous life because his choice of words and phrases throughout are designed to stretch the average child’s vocabulary and their understanding of history. But apparently he wasn’t. Either way he manages to do this in a way that is not preachy, self-conscious or clunky.

In fact I thoroughly enjoyed this action-packed, exciting romp through history. The characters were likeable and interesting with the occasional odd-ball, rogue and villian (think Harry Potter and co) thrown in. The story was paced well, well constructed and great fun.

You can read the first 2 chapters here.

When Jake is kidnapped by strangers on a stormy London night he discovers his loving parents have been leading a double life and are now missing, lost somewhere in history. He is plunged into a world of secret societies, dangerous double agents, and a terrifying countdown to oblivion.

Transported by a Spanish galleon back to 19th century France, he finds himself in the headquarters of The History Keepers – a remarkable league of time-travelling special agents. The History Keepers preserve the true course of history against those who would change it for their own gain, such as the diabolical Prince Zeldt. Driven by a sense of adventure and a desire to reunite his family, Jake makes the most thrilling – and dangerous – decision of his life.

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